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Your business environment is a natural extension of your brand.  Form and function are essential considerations that match your aspirations. If your project is new construction or renovation, high volume or a custom one-of-a-kind unit, Royal Cabinet Design Company will exceed your expectations. Hotels, retail establishments, restaurants, entertainment venues, corporate headquarters, prestigious law firms, universities, and healthcare facilities are just a sampling of the environments in which our millwork will enhance your brand. At Royal Cabinet, we are equally suited to work directly with local, regional and national clients as well as coordinate efforts with general contractors and architects. In each case, we work efficiently and effectively to produce the same exceptional outcome for every client.  Key elements typically include:

  • Identifying scope of work
  • Providing proposal
  • Designing and engineering products
  • Managing projects
  • Coordinating production
  • Ensuring highest quality
  • Scheduling delivery and installation

Explore our portfolio—the stage for working and living. Experience the looks, the styles and the designs at Royal Cabinet. Under each category, a partial list of project offerings energize your senses for both substance and details.


  • Cabinetry - Wood and plastic laminate
  • Countertops - Wood, plastic laminate, solid surface, natural &
    composite stone
  • Office furniture


  • Sales counters
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Merchandising fixtures


  • Conference tables
  • Nurse stations
  • Reception desks